About Love Out Loud


To Facilitate the world’s largest love-based movement by 2020.

We are engaging 4% of the global population by the end of 2020 through digital content, influencer and celebrity ambassadorship, retreats, seminars, philosophy circles, business consultation, community partnerships and festivals. We believe by bringing enough exposure to the message of living a compassionate and love-based life, we can change the trajectory of human history and correct many of the world’s most significant challenges.
It’s time that we come together as humanity and understand that we are innately and naturally cooperative, and work best in togetherness. With 85% of the western world experiencing loneliness every single day, we’ve allowed our fear drive mindsets, insecurities and disempowerment lead to the leading health epidemics in recorded human history; with suicide now being the leader cause of death in under 45’s. 
Love Out Loud makes self-love, love for others and leading a meaningful life, practical, accessible and proves that love is a practicable skillset that can be learnt by anyone.

Our Story

As our founder, Nicole Gibson, defines in Love Out Loud the book; there’s no such thing as coincidences only co-incidences… the story of Love Out Loud was birthed from a remarkable series of co-incidencnes. The movement is unnamable, and since day 1 had a powerful life-force of it’s own accord. In 2017, Nicole decided to take a trip to Ibiza. It was to pursue an opportunity to attend a global personal and spiritual Devlopment conference, and considering she recently had been left heartbroken and was beginning to feel complacent in her ventures through mental heath and service in government, she felt the pull to go and put her pieces back to together. The first morning of the conference, she sat on the beach in Ibiza in meditation, asking “What’s next? How can I best serve my mission in the world from here?” As she opened her eyes to end the process, a message was synchronistically sent to her phone. “Hi, I’m a book coach from Australia – I’ve been following your journey for many years, and I feel very strongly about encouraging you to write a book.” Head to toe covered in goosebumps, Nicole knew that her spirit was being called to birth something new into the world. When you ask Nicole “what was it like writing Love Out Loud?” She responds; “it wrote me.”
A powerful undertaking, writing herself out of a broken heart and piecing together 8 years of methodologies, formulas, hundreds of stories and observations, through developing hundreds of communities across the world, Nicole distilled the wisdom gained working with over 300 000 people, into 9 key concepts that return you home to love. Love Out Loud is on it’s way to becoming a science, not only a philosophy. It explores the human fundamentals that have so frivolously been overlooked in our modern day world. Through publishing Love Out Loud, Nicole was asked to present in Tallinn, Estonia in June 2018. Having, in passing, invited a distant contact in Australia who she had met on a domestic flight years prior, Adam had made the spontaneous decision to attend the event, having recently walked away from his life in the corporate space to soul-search for meaningful, world-changing projects as an investor and advisor.
After spending a week in Italy combing through the true vision and what was truly possible, Nicole and Adam agreed to birth Love Out Loud into the world for what it was always truly meant to be; a game-changing movement that seeks to transform a fear-driven world, into a world that fully and wholeheartedly Loves Out Loud.

Our Values

We don’t believe a movement can move unless it has crystal clear values acting as the compass in each step forward. We’re far from the type of team that keeps the values in a dusty document somewhere in the filing cabinet; our values are embodied, referred to and consistently acknowledged with complete sincerity. They are:
  • Honest
  • Present, embodied and live with intent.
  • Aware.
  • Perspective.
  • Truth seeking.
  • Unified.
  • Universally focused.
  • Creative & Intentional.
  • Divergent and Entrepreneurial Thinkers.
  • Out loud – (Unapologetic Self Expression).
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Become a Love Out Loud circle facilitator

People all over the world run Love Out Loud experiences in their local communities, to unify and connect a local network with a global mission. We choose monthly philosophy topics, and circles all over the world engage in a discussion that has universal relevance. Once you’ve hosted the physical events with you local communities, an online discussion is encouraged in our closed Facebook group, to engage a cross-section of perspectives around the world. We also select a circle every month to showcase via a livestream into the Love Out Louders online group, so everyone in our global community can meet you, ask questions and engage in the unique Love Out Loud experience you facilitate.