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Love Out Loud Facilitator Training - MAY 2020


Vision Villa
Bali, Indonesia

2-3 April 2020

PRICE: $2500

Accomodation not included.

Online Facilitator Training

23-24 May 2020

PRICE: $695

Usually $2500! Due to change in global circumstances we have moved our programs to an online platform to mobilise Love Out Loud at a time when LOVE is needed the most

Online Facilitator Training + VIP

23-24 May 2020

PRICE: $3195

Usually $7495! Due to change in global circumstances we have moved our programs to an online platform to mobilise Love Out Loud at a time when LOVE is needed the most. We are offering our 9 week Stay In Love Package at half the usual cost! For more information on the Stay In Love package click here

Gold Coast, Australia

21-22 November 2020

PRICE: $2500

Accomodation not included.

Past Attendees have their say...

Love Out Louders

Love Out Loud is now offering it’s one of a kind facilitator training! Become a certified Love out loud facilitator globally.

Love Out Loud believes in a movement that’s owned by every single member of our community. As we’re reaching a point of critical mass, its essential we have more and more community members, leaders, personalities and business owners learn our methods of communication, group facilitation, the art behind resolving conflict through love spread this way of being throughout the world.

Our founder, Nicole Gibson, developed this facilitation model after working with half a million people across the globe in complex community development projects, politics, corporate cultural design, facilitating change process, one on one coaching and building a nonprofit for seven years that worked in education and mental health. Unconventionally, Nicole also drew on 10 years of improvisation and a disciplined early career in theatre, which she left mainstream schooling at 14 to pursue.

The Love Out Loud way, which is now used across the world in retreats, seminars and consultation, you will not find anywhere else. It is a unique philosophy of communication and facilitation, proving to be highly effective.

Some of the lives we've impacted

The Training:


Pre-Session: Ecstatic Dance Party
Session 1: Let’s get real: WTF is “holding space”, auras, energy and intention??


  • Social and emotional awareness and intelligence
  • Presence
  • Reading a room
  • Understanding cues and body-language

Session 2: Social Experimentation

Discover your degree of self-awareness and leadership


Session 3: The Love Out Loud Effect

The methodology of Love Out Loud

  • The 5 Love Out Loud Principles
  • Conscious communication
  • Learning the facilitator quadrant:
  • Learning to match and mirror
  • Learning how to hold a room
  • Creating Meaningful Connection (The Three Elements)
  • Emotional Regulation
  • Unconscious Bias
  • Acknowledgement and Presence

Late Afternoon - Whenever : Group Networking (but fun)


Session 1: Let’s get real: Mirroring

  • What is mirroring
  • Why is it important to understanding mirroring in life and in facilitation
  • Separating the heart from the ego
  • The difference between influence and being influential

Session 2: Rites of Passage

  • Understanding the change process
  • Facilitating transformation
  • What is liminal space and how to navigate it
  • Understanding ritual and ceremony
  • Mastering energetics


Session 3: Putting You To The Test

The methodology of Love Out Loud

  • Open space facilitation

Session 4: The MAGIC

  • Authenticity
  • Allowance
  • Humility
  • Service

Who’s this for:

  • Those looking to increase their social and emotional awareness
  • Those wanting to learn how to be more present
  • Those seeking more confidence
  • Those looking to improve the leadership ability
  • Those looking to gain confidence in public speaking
  • Those looking to build, develop and grow community
  • Those interested in human dynamics and psychology
  • Those looking to learn how to gain and embody influence

Who the training is not for

  • Those not willing to look at themselves
  • Those not willing to self reflect
  • Those not willing to hold a safe, non-judgmental space for others
  • Those not ready to step into their own leadership
  • Those who are not aligned to love and compassion as a philosophy of life and leadership

Outcomes of the training:

  • Qualified and certified Love Out Loud facilitator
  • Capacity to hold a room, be influential and develop community effectively
  • Improved leadership abilities
  • Vastly improved social and emotional awareness
  • Vastly improved flexibility in leadership styles
  • Improved Communication
  • Improved ability to connect on a deep level
  • Improved ability to build teams and community
  • Improved capacity for love, compassion, focus and presence
  • Actionable strategies to implement into your business, teams and day-to-day life.
  • Truly meeting yourself as a leader, behind the mask.
  • Improved ability to inspire others

What this training qualifies you to do:

  • Build Your Own Love Out Loud Circles and Community
  • Use the Love Out Loud method in your teams and business at large
  • Facilitate Love Out Loud in your workplace, community group or education facility
  • Navigate communication and life more effortlessly

See You At The Training

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